Confluence cloud

You can integrate your TeamRetro team with your Confluence Cloud Space, to publish your retrospective and health check meeting notes. 

To configure this integration you must be a TeamRetro team administrator.

Configure in TeamRetro


  2. Click CONNECT next to Confluence Cloud

  3. You will be redirected to to authorize TeamRetro to post pages to your space.

    For further information how our Confluence integrations work and the authorization scopes requested, please refer to Confluence Integration Security

    Click on Accept to authorize TeamRetro.

  4. After TeamRetro has been authorized, you can select which Space is associated with your team:

    Whatever you choose to be your Parent Page Title will be used to label the Pages back in Confluence:

    Note: By default TeamRetro will create a "Retrospectives" and a "Health Check" page to publish your meeting summaries as child pages. If you wish to change where your retrospectives / health check pages are created in your space, you can enter the preferred page titles.


Testing Your Integration

On the "Share" step of each retrospective and health check, you'll now be able to click the publish button and select " Post to Confluence Cloud".


What happens if I publish the same meeting twice?

  • This will cause an error to be thrown due to the naming conflict (i.e. two meeting summaries with the same name). To republish the meeting, delete the existing published one in Confluence and publish the meeting summary in TeamRetro again.

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