Troubleshooting - delayed / missing emails

Despite our best efforts, sometimes emails sent by the TeamRetro application can be blocked or delayed by recipient email providers. This generally occurs if a large number of invites have been sent to emails from a single email domain within a short timeframe, or if a large number of participants have joined a team using emails from the same domain. 
In these cases some corporate email servers will take a cautious approach and block or delay the incoming emails from TeamRetro.

Recommended actions

We recommend you contact TeamRetro support ( to verify that the emails were delivered as expected (to confirm the problem isn't somewhere else). Please list some of the email addresses that should have received emails when you contact us.
If they were sent but were still delayed or not received, then you may need to contact your IT support team and ask them to allow incoming emails from the TeamRetro application.

Whitelisting TeamRetro emails

TeamRetro emails are sent from and; from IP address

Note: For security TeamRetro will only send emails to mail servers over a secure TLS 1.2+ connection and with a valid mail server certificate covering the email address domain. If you mail server does not support TLS 1.2+, or the certificate does not match the email address domain, messages will not be delivered. You can test your mail server configuration using . If this issue affects you, we recommend raising it with your IT support.

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